The only course you need to become more visible and fully booked!

Does this sound familiar?

Are you winging it when it comes to knowing what information to put on your website?

Are you tracking where your enquiries are coming from?

Do you know which source is most profitable?

Perhaps you're not quite clear on where you're going wrong, but you know you want to do something about it....

You're nervous to stop anything you're already doing in case it scares off new clients...

You're really good at finding excuses not to work on your SEO even though you know it's something you need to address...

You've got a website but you've heard things about target audience, and creating blogs but you don't know how to connect the dots.

Would you like to be in the position where you never have to worry about bookings again?

Would you like to feel in control of growing your business?

Running your own business takes a hell of a lot of work, trust me, I know!

You need a system

You need a plan of action

You want to grow your business and attract the bookings you deserve.

You need guidance from an expert to walk you along the way.

I’m here to offer that to you right now.

Wow! I've been doing this for twenty years, and there is so much more information than I was expecting. 

Yes, I've got more bookings but the true value comes from the fact that I have every confidence I will not just make my money back but confidently grow my business.

I have had terrible experiences in the past with SEO companies but now I can see that I've gone up in rankings, and it's not a black art to me any more.

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For years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients providing snapshots of their business visibility with valuable advice and how to improve it to get more sales. Clients have implemented the advice or they’ve become distracted by the next thing on their to-do list and have not seen the results they deserve. You deserve more.

Combining my search engine optimisation knowledge, social media, website design and marketing know-how, I have created an 8-week course with TWO bonus sessions!

Let’s get you found!

Because how can your clients fall in love with you if they can’t find you?

In my new 8 week course:

I will show you how to be more visible online

I will teach you the methods I teach my clients on how to never have to worry about getting a booking again.

I'll teach you to confidently understand how to be in control of growing your business

I'll teach you a system that works.

“But I’m a creative” I can hear you shrieking. “I don’t do systems. That sounds BORING.” But you know what’s so much worse? Barely scraping by with little to no cash to spare.

This is an investment in you, in your future.

I offer so much more than just SEO advice.

I offer guidance and support to make you shine.

Can’t put a price on the value of this course.

I just had no idea about so many aspects.

I didn’t go to business school or anything about web design stuff, so the lessons in it I can keep referring back to it.

I would recommend this course to anyone who feels lost. I know you’ve given us the stuff to be better. Before I felt like I was stabbing around in the dark and now I feel like I’m on the right track.

I have more information and I’m on a better path armed with the right tools. Your skills are invaluable.

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The course content overview

The course will be delivered online in a live weekly video call with me and you get access to the recordings for life.

You'll also be invited to a private Facebook group for all students of the course so you can ask questions and go through the tasks together.

There will be interactive sessions each week of the course and you'll be encouraged to share what you find of value with each other to support each other to grow. 

This course is now closed for enrolment. Hop onto the waiting list to be the first to find out when it's open again!

With Maddy's guidance and support we are earning at least 30% more.

If we didn’t hire you, we’d still be flopping around, with no idea what we were doing, lacking any structure.

You opened up so much that we had never thought about before, that we wouldn’t think was possible to even ask anybody to help us with. We have just had the best year in business ever.

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Hello! I'm Maddy, I run an SEO and marketing agency called Making Your Business Shine because that’s exactly what I love to do. My mission is to help passionate creative women create an sch-mazing online presence and grow their businesses by leaving Confusionville for dust and effortlessly attracting and booking the perfect clients. I'm affectionately known as the SEO Queen by my clients. When I get hold of your business, it’s like a glitter bomb goes off. Obsessed with the web from an early age (I designed my first website as a teenager before most of my friends had the internet) I now love to combine of working with wonderful women with my love of geekery and a good dash of pink lipgloss. You can usually find me dancing here on Instagram.

Let's get you found!