Web Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

Your website is the perfect place to express your brand brilliantly – the look, the tone, the layout, the SEO magic – it’s just waiting to magnetize more clients to you.

Let’s make that happen!

What would the internet be without websites? I’ve been working on and creating websites since the late 90’s (yes, I was a teenage nerd!) and while there are certainly many more places to be found online these days, our websites are still very much the home of our online presence. Brings a whole new meaning to “home page”, doesn’t it?

Each year I enjoy designing websites for a few select clients. I pour my heart into delighting you and your audience, making sure your site represents you and your offer beautifully to inspire more enquiries, and of course, more sales.

What I offer

Your website is designed on the WordPress platform
We use a drag and drop builder so you can manage with ease post-launch

Your site is bespoke, designed to meet your individual needs and business goals

We design your website to have the perfectly optimised site structure and navigation to delight users & search engines
We write copy to make your website sing!

Branding services are available via a top notch design partner

Favourite Clients

Tredudwell Manor – Cornwall wedding venue – www.tredudwell.co.uk

The team at Tredudwell Manor were clear on their remit. They wanted to create a website that truly reflects Tredudwell Manor as a fantastic wedding venue, showing off all the benefits of getting married there so “the recently engaged girl can find us as quickly as possible and enjoy her visit and found that yes, we do tick pretty much all the boxes when imagining the perfect Cornish wedding, so they can’t help but request a brochure.” 

Says Valerie: “We booked Maddy and Team Shine to rebuild, redesign our website and introduce some proper strategic SEO tools to improve our overall marketing. We met her when she spoke at Cornwall Wed Meetup event. We were so impressed by her presentation and thought if there is one person we should work with it’s Maddy!

She is highly professional, has a great website herself and I love her enthusiasm showing via social media. We love her organisational skills and her “can do everything” approach! Her knowledge is vast and the application of her knowledge a success!

Maddy helped us to make our business shine, literally, translating to a huge increase in bookings in less than a month!

As a result of working with Maddy, we became really confident and happy that we have now reached the objective that we’ve had in mind for a long time – we did not think our business was not ready for such an increase on demand but now we can cope and deliver the best. It is a good feeling to have!

We would recommend Maddy to anyone who wishes to increase their business by improving their image and making the most of her strategic knowledge.”

Parrot & Pineapple – Fun wedding photography UK – www.parrotandpineapple.com


Rowan wanted to start a new brand for the wedding photography branch of her photography business. She had a strong idea of who she wanted to attract and a clear plan of how she wanted to market to them. Her website had to attract fun urban loving wedding couples and have a strong dose of hipster and tropical fun. It was such a pleasure bringing this vision to life, and I think the result really puts Rowan’s best (very fun and personable) foot forward.

Says Rowan: “As a result of working with Maddy, I have an amazing website which I am truly proud of. Every time I share a link to my website I feel happy. This is the first time in my photography career that I have felt that way. I also feel very energised and excited to work with MJ and team shine on future projects because I know that they will help my business grow. The most important thing people should know about working with Maddy is that she is driven by results and has a solid understanding of what makes a business work. I would recommend Maddy to EVERYONE I KNOW.”


Fiona Kelly – London wedding photographer – www.fionasweddingphotography.co.uk

Fiona felt her old website didn’t really represent her anymore, and wanted a refresh using the gorgeous Rebecca theme from FloThemes. A brilliant collaboration with Becky Lord on the branding and we were given a clear direction – clean, minimal and allowing the images to speak for themselves. We designed the website and continue to work closely with Fiona making sure all images are tagged and her blog is managed efficiently and effectively.

Says Fiona: “I bloody love working with Maddy, she makes everything so easy. I feel like I can relax, knowing she’s on the case getting on with things that need doing. She has my back and I can completely trust her. She knows bloody loads about SEO & marketing and she’s really easy to work with.”

Brighton Lace – handmade lace lingerie – www.brightonlace.com

Lou and the Brighton Lace team were ready to upgrade their website and luckily for us as we had been working with them for several years, were chosen to work with her beautiful products and images. First we designed a brand new website beautifully branded by Becky Lord, and then we upgraded to a full ecommerce website.

Says Lou: Working with Maddy and her team in many ways sets the bar for all my other working relationships. The results are always outstanding, and there is a constant feeling of being taken care of, even when the team’s workload must get pretty crazy. I’m also always amazed by Maddy’s efficiency, I might ask her a vague question about something I don’t really understand on the backend of the site, get up, make a coffee, and then return back to my computer to find she’s made me a little video explaining (she knows I learn much faster this way!) I now have a dedicated Dropbox folder filled with bitesized videos that Maddy has made, empowering me to get to know how everything works on the site – and I have a reminder in case I forget!

One of the things I always appreciate about Making Your Business Shine is the personalised service, which goes far beyond what you might expect. I have this sense that Maddy is always thinking about us, she has this amazing capacity to see the bigger picture for your business and she’s excited to help build your business dreams together.”

Web Design packages start from £2500

I’d be delighted to consider your website design project together.