What a Two Day Journey Down the Mekong Taught Me About Running A Business

Facebook memories - it's a little bit weird sometimes to look back and think "WTF was I doing putting that on Facebook?!" but this summer has reminded me of all the adventures I had the summer I lived in South East Asia in 2013. I remember so well that I basically lived off Pad Thai, spicy papaya salad and beer Laos. Nom, nom.

But essentially what I remember the most was the fact that I was writing and building a business all whilst on a tiny little travel laptop, traipsing round on buses, planes, taxis and yes, boats.

It was whilst I was on a two-day boat journey down the Mekong, the river that looked like it was made of chocolate, that I was forced to switch off, not browse the internet, not check my emails. There was nowhere to go, and all there was left to do was drink a beer and watch the world go by.  I was forced to reflect on where I was, what I was doing and recognise that the much-needed break. Travelling was hectic and I was nomadic for many years, to-ing and fro-ing from Goa to everywhere else. But really, this is something I need to remind myself of, and if I need it then I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

This is what I realised and enjoyed remembering: it's OK to switch off and not check Instagram (I'm looking at you fellow Instagram-aholics) and it's totally OK not to take selfies whilst you're doing something awesome. It doesn't mean you didn't do it. It very much means you did.

Maddy xo

(Photos are my own - apparently the only two photos I have of this time - which is a good thing)