Hello! I’m Maddy.

Like you, I love the look on someone’s face when they see magical results. You know that gleam in a bride’s eyes when she sees and adores your work? It’s the same sparkle in the eye of a new client who adores receiving a piece of your very self when purchasing your art. It’s the same glittery look in your eyes when you book a new client who shares your enthusiasm for quality and beauty.

My clients? They love seeing their businesses grow with less fuss, not more, and having a stellar friend by their side while they do it. I pride myself on that level of service and delight, and I thoroughly enjoy being with inspired professionals like you. I’m also not afraid to give a bit of tough love when it comes to helping you focus on what will actually work to grow your business. All the while, I’ve got my eye on the prize: your delight, your shining new website, the thrilling increase in your bottom line and day-to-day joy because you’re more free to focus on what you love to do.

Since 1999, when I first started working with the internet, I’ve seen how things have evolved in online promotion. There are so many ways now to reach your ideal clients online. I think it’s fantastic! Problem is, though, there are so many options and so many opinions that it’s hard to know where to start or where to focus your time and energy.

I’m passionate about helping you cut the nonsense, optimise your efforts and reach those potential clients you really need to reach.

I’m here to help you be the very best you can be.

The Shine Mission

I help passionate wedding pros and creative women create sch-mazing online presence and grow their businesses by leaving Confusionville for dust and effortlessly attracting and booking their perfect clients.

I offer a personal, customised approach.

What works is different for every business. I have a business degree where I specialised in marketing and communications, have really put in my time in the marketing and PR worlds of London and beyond, and have been working with private clients for a few years now. Still, I’ve never discovered a one-size-fits-all model that serves businesses of any type. Every client presents a unique constellation of needs and opportunities for growth, and has their unique path to gleaming success. That’s why every service I offer with my wonderful team is customised to your distinct needs.

There is one common element that I see as important to every business, though. What I am most passionate about in marketing and communications is SEO (search engine optimisation). Not only can a customised, targeted SEO plan drive more traffic to your website, but it also acts as a focused catapult for your entire marketing strategy. SEO works, and since that’s what we’re all about around here, that’s the first place I urge my clients to invest (a little spoiler alert for our work together).

Why wedding and creative businesses?

I love all things glitter. I love love. I love weddings. I love creativity.

Like any of us, I adore spending time with the things I love, so I’ve designed my professional life to do just that.

I had the great pleasure of planning a wedding of my own a few years back, and in diving deep into all the services I’d need, I saw a strong desire for marketing and SEO support among creatives and wedding professionals (also creatives, to be sure). I see that to truly succeed on multiple levels, you need to be free to focus on what you love most and can do best, and reduce the part that feels like work, while still growing your business. That’s a tall order. It just so happens, I’m naturally and professionally equipped to help you do exactly that, and I enjoy it completely.

Sadly the marriage didn’t last long, but instead my passion and availability for helping you burst wide open. I basically got re-married to my passion for helping wedding professionals and creative businesses flourish! My business and team has been growing rapidly ever since. I present at wedding industry events regularly, have an amazing roster of clients, and have a nickname around these parts that makes me blush. “SEO Queen” is what I hear most often, but “unicorn” has been thrown around a bit lately, too. Apparently I’m rare and magical. I’ll take it.

I support causes that inspire and empower.

I’m passionate about causes that empower us to be our best, give generously to the world and make a difference in the lives of others. Here are a few of the organizations I support and encourage you to check out:

I Do Community is a beautiful project that brings together wedding suppliers all over the UK to support good causes with their strengths, gifts and talents. I contribute my time and skills, and also financially as a business.

National Association of Wedding Professionals promotes professionalism and integrity in the wedding industry. Membership is a great way to meet like-minded wedding professionals and increase visibility for our businesses. I teach private masterclasses for members and speak at NAWP events.

Diversity and inclusivity in the wedding industry is something near and dear to my heart, because #loveislove. Look at the bridal section of any magazine stand, and you’d think there was only one kind of bride (or groom!) getting married these days. I’ve had the pleasure of spending time and learning a lot from people who are doing important (hard) work of shifting this tendency. Nova Reid and Catalyst Wed Co are both brilliant catalysts for change and I recommend you visit their blogs straightaway.


Team Shine

Allow me to introduce you to the team who help me support our Shine clients, it’s an exciting team!


Role: Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

Lives in: Chile

Wedding professionals are just so fun, and stylish and interesting! From websites to brochures to press and blogs and all sorts of sparkling do-dads, copywriting for our clients just makes me happy. Finding the voice, developing the message, and helping clients connect with people in a powerful way – it’s a brilliant, rewarding challenge. I also love the opportunities I get with Team Shine to put my experience as a marketing professional to good use by contributing to strategy and systems.

I love being a part of Team Shine. I’m inspired by the way we focus on solutions, encourage and respect each other, stay agile and enjoy our work from all over the world. Our global conference calls are the most smile-filled company meetings I’ve ever attended! Maddy brings such a bright, can-do energy to leading her team. We have great clients and it is a pleasure to help serve them. In the freelance marketing world, it doesn’t get much better than this.


Role: Finance Manager

Lives in: Bristol, UK

Team Shine is the most brilliant working environment, where I am totally supported and trusted to do exactly what I love, always innovating together and highly responsive to the team and clients’ needs. Maddy’s dedication to clarity and openness in all areas of the business is so obvious in all we do and it is wonderful working on such a dedicated team. I support Maddy and Making Your Business Shine’s financial systems, including bookkeeping and invoicing. I honestly never knew I could enjoy my work so much and this quality of care has naturally set the bar for how I show up in all work relationships.