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I’m absolutely delighted to be joined by one of my oldest clients today Fiona Kelly a fantastic wedding photographer based in London. Oldest, I hasten, to add not in terms of her age but because we have now been working together for five years! So it’s safe to say we know each other pretty well. […]
Well hello there and welcome to this week's show where I am simply thrilled to be joined by the fantastic Aleisha McCormack of The Bridechilla Podcast, the most listened to wedding podcast in the world! What I particularly loved about speaking with Aleisha is not only how she continues to think outside of the box […]
Well hello! Welcome to the show where I'm chatting with Soniamarie Palmer, who runs two businesses - Soniamarie Loves a wedding planning business here in the UK, and Event HR using her 19 years of corporate experience to support wedding and event businesses manage their people. This woman is ON IT! So many people switch […]
Well hello! On today’s show we have an award winning wedding florist, the simply incredible Emma Soulsby. Emma is determination personified as well as being an incredibly down to earth and funny person. In just two years she has completely rebranded herself into a luxury florist brand as well as launching an online flower school […]
Well hello! On today’s show we have a brilliant guest - the fantastically funny Kari Bellamy, a successful London wedding photographer for some years now so I knew she would have a lot to share about how to make it work, recognising your expertise, how Kari attracts 50% of her bookings through SEO, how she manages […]
Exciting! On today’s show we have the most charming guest on today’s show - the lovely Charlotte Argyrou from Craftist in Residence. Charlotte is a botanical illustrator but she is also elegant, funny, and the adult I want to be when I grow up, so I was particularly keen to get her into my home […]
I am delighted to be joined today by Ania Witwitzka, an incredible Swedish artist and entrepreneur, making beautiful pieces of art and teaching other women how to do the same. I've been lucky to know Ania for some years, and we have grown our businesses together, so I am particularly delighted that she has joined […]
I hear this all the time - isn't social media separate from SEO? They're so different, aren't they? How can I make them work together? Shrug emoji, shrug emoji. If this is the first time you've thought about putting social media and SEO together, don't worry! You're definitely not alone and today, I'm going to […]
I am thrilled to be joined today by Louisa Crosby, the founder of Brighton Lace, an all-woman ethical lingerie label dedicated to making feel-good underwear that doesn’t cost the earth. I've been lucky to know Lou for some years, and we have grown our businesses together, so I am particularly delighted that she has agreed […]
OMG! This week I created a YouTube channel! You can subscribe here. Creating this YouTube channel has been a long time coming. You know those ideas that creep around the back of your mind and the voices say 'Who, me?'. It's really taken some time to get used to seeing and hearing myself on camera! […]
I've been out and about meeting lots of lovely new people recently at events around London, and when I've been learning how to introduce myself.
I know, I know. You’ve got consultations to plan, quotes to send and a whole host of wedding bookings to work on, before you even consider your wedding SEO.