8 questions to ask yourself before you book a coach or course 
There’s a lot going on right now, I know. And so I wanted to share this from my heart because these questions help me when I’m deciding where to put my time and my cash, eight questions I see that are vital (and when I skip them and go straight to, because I just wanna, […]
How to Take Care of Yourself in Your Creative Business (no matter how busy you are)
How to Take Care of Yourself in Your Creative Business (no matter how busy you are) Running your own business can feel like a rough and tumble world. Almost every one of us creative business owners experiences highs and lows, boom times and gloom times. I chat to clients and fellow business owners all the […]
Building a strong foundation to be more visible
We resume normal inbox activity once again (wink) as I’m back with a new episode of the High Vis Podcast, your biz bestie for visibility. It’s been a busy few weeks here at Shine HQ launching 3 new offerings, moving house, and by being even more visible,  I’ve been interviewed on various blogs and podcasts […]
The Power of Community in being more visible
  I know not much feels certain right now but if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that the internet is a powerful thing. I’m just loving learning, seeing, participating, supporting others get through this weird year. If there’s one thing I’ve seen is powerful in running my business it’s finding people around me […]
How I deal with imposter syndrome
I know what it’s like. You keep hearing ‘be visible’ but you’re scared sh**less.”Who am I to say these things?” you ask yourself. “What will people think?” I’ve been there. It’s called imposter syndrome. It doesn’t matter how much of an expert we may be, or how much experience we have under our belt, those […]
How to sell and build relationships on Instagram with Sara Dalrymple
I really wanted to share this right now because can we just take a moment to talk about Instagram. Ahhh… Instagram. Sometimes Instagram is like a weird ex who won’t stay out of our DMs (“but what does this meannnnn?” we whine to our friends. It means nothing ladies, nothing. They’re just as bored by […]
What do I say on my website aka what on earth are my keywords?
There are 3 types of people in this world.There’s the Aesthetically Pleasing Type…The Aesthetically Pleasing (AP) Type of people have built their websites, and the priority is – you want it to look want to show off your gorgeous images.You want to have the perfect logoYou want the colours and space to speak for […]
Does having an ideal client really make a difference?
So, something I get asked all the time, isn’t where did you come from you sparkly Gandalf you (although that has been asked before I admit) but it’s this question I get asked over and over again….does having an ideal client REALLY matter?! How? Why? Huh? So, I decided to make this the topic of […]
Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
Remember last week where I spoke about how to show up and how to share more of your personality online, but sharing more also means being more open about sharing your thoughts and your opinions? In the past this is something I have definitely shied away from publicly, thinking “Oh people are just here for […]
Black Lives Matter & How to share your personality online
I feel moved to share this because if I don’t, it wouldn’t feel authentic to talk about visibility and growing a business without talking about how to include being an actual human. I have found that we often tend to forget that behind the beautiful experiences we share on this platform, we are actually allowed […]
And like that *poof* I launched a podcast!
I believe visibility is absolutely essential to making a success of your business. No matter if you are fully booked or have zero bookings, you need to be constantly reminding the right people you exist and that you are the right one to solve their problem. So, I started the brand new High Vis podcast […]
How to be truly unique with One of a Style
When you’re building a business, it can be hard to understand how to truly be unique, how to stand out against everyone else doing what you do, especially right now when our mindset has, shall we say, taken a bit of a hit. Despite being filmed before lockdown, Stefania Bartolomei of One of a Style has […]