Why did I create a YouTube channel?
OMG! This week I created a YouTube channel! You can subscribe here. Creating this YouTube channel has been a long time coming. You know those ideas that creep around the back of your mind and the voices say 'Who, me?'. It's really taken some time to get used to seeing and hearing myself on camera! […]
What is SEO?
I've been out and about meeting lots of lovely new people recently at events around London, and when I've been learning how to introduce myself.
How to make time to do wedding SEO
I know, I know. You’ve got consultations to plan, quotes to send and a whole host of wedding bookings to work on, before you even consider your wedding SEO.
Do I really need to blog?
I get asked a LOT "Do I really need to blog?" For people who work visually whether it's creating photographs, styling events, painting portraits, I know it's a challenge. If you want to have more content to promote yourself online then blogging really is the easiest way to do it.
How to create your best of 2018 blog post
Well hello there! Today I want to talk to you about your Best of 2018 blog post. You know, the ones where you summarise all your favourite bits of 2018 on your blog. Have you considered doing one?
Does Google know I exist (and how to change that)
I get asked this question a LOT so I thought it was high time I wrote a blog post - Does Google know I exist? In this blog post I talk about how to tell and how to change that.
Why should you hire a consultant for your business?
Why is it that when we make the jump to be self-employed, we immediately assume the titles of marketing, HR, strategy, finance, as well as implementing the service / product delivery and expect ourselves to be expert at all of these things otherwise we are clearly failures?
Why is blogging important for SEO anyway?!
This week I had the great pleasure of being interviewed on The Flourishing Pantry where I was asked a fantastic question on the Live interview: why is blogging important for SEO?
What happens if you don't blog - what I learned
What happens when you don't blog? I've written a very honest post about not blogging for 2.5 months as an SEO expert. Eek. It's quite ironic that I wrote a blog post about pushing my comfort zones in the summer and then I didn't blog for over two and a half months.
Why aren't I getting more sales and why trying to get lucky on the first date won't create long lasting love
Why aren't I getting more sales? I see this question on Facebook groups, hear it on the phone and I want to help.
Comfort zones - What I learned from pushing myself out of mine
Ironically, this blog post about pushing the boundaries of my comfort zones has been sitting in my drafts for some weeks because I've been waiting to feel comfortable enough to post it.
All About Maddy Shine told in GIFs
It may or may not surprise you to know (if you watch my InstaStories) that I enjoy a gin of an evening.