How to create a wordpress website
How to create a wordpress website - argh where to start?!! Domains, hosting, Wordpress - it all gets our knickers in a twist, am I right?
Guest Blogging : The Ultimate Guide for Wedding SEO
Is your business’s blog languishing in the corner, lost and forgotten, starting to gather dust? If so, don’t worry, because you’re not alone. You may be surprised how common it is!
How long should a blog post be - The inside scoop on how to blog
How long should a blog post be? The first thing you should know is: There is no one size fits all answer to writing blog posts. Soz about that. But this is why you'll find such different answers all over the web.
Healthy habits while working at a computer
We know what it’s like at this time of year, the wedding season is over and you’re sitting for hours at your desk editing / admin-ning / working away on your business.
Pinterest Workshop in Devon at Deer Park November 2017
On Wednesday 8th November, the fabulous Kate Cullen and I ran our first ever live Pinterest Love workshop at the incredibly beautiful Deer Park Country House Hotel near Honiton, Devon.
How do I use hashtags (and why you want to)
This week I'm talking about hashtags specifically answering the question - How do I use hashtags, they’re a bit of a marmite subject, aren't they, you love them or you hate them, and you’re never quite sure where to use them or how to use them or when to use them!
How to Install a Cookie Notice on your website (Not the eating kind, sadly)
So, now you’ve got Google Analytics all nicely set up on your website tracking the movements of your site users.
How to set up Google Analytics (and why the hell you’d want to)
You’ve got a website and you may even be blogging. You want people to see it and you want to know who, when and how people are seeing it. This is useful to you so you can be more strategic with your content.
What a Two Day Journey Down the Mekong Taught Me About Running A Business
Facebook memories - it's a little bit weird sometimes to look back and think "WTF was I doing putting that on Facebook?!" but this summer has reminded me of all the adventures I had the summer I lived in South East Asia in 2013.