We resume normal inbox activity once again (wink) as I’m back with a new episode of the High Vis Podcast, your biz bestie for visibility.

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Shine HQ launching 3 new offerings, moving house, and by being even more visible,  I’ve been interviewed on various blogs and podcasts which has got me chatting with hundreds of entrepreneurs along the way.

I’ve heard from lots of you – business owners who are struggling to show up, feeling fresh out of creativity and just a bit wobbly, and really, who can blame them! No one ever told us what it’s truly like to run a business or how to market it.

Let me ask you a question….

Would you prefer a crumbling house with lots of expensive problems to fix or a strong well built house built on solid foundations?

This week I want to bring to you a foundational piece of work that after 8 years in business I constantly come back to so you can get confident with putting yourself out there, being more visible and securing those sales.

That is…

Who is my ideal client? 🤔 Who do I really want to work with (if only I wasn’t so scared they didn’t really exist)?

Why would they buy from me and how am I going to sell it? 😲

I think about this a lot, because getting clear on these foundational questions is like building a sturdy house, you have to start with strong foundations. 🧱

To build a sustainable business, you need to start with strong foundations too. 💪

That means knowing what you sell, to who, and how you want to grow your business.

With strong foundations you can stop wasting time and start putting in place the things you need to show up and get seen by your dream clients. You can finally understand what works and how to get results.

So let’s build those foundations of your business to stand strong and move your business forward.

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Come over and tell me on instagram @maddy.shine which of these tips you’re going to try out so I can cheer you on!