Here you’ll find the answers to many frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please complete the contact form at the bottom and we’ll happily respond!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation or as I like to call it ‘So Exciting Obviously’ because what’s more exciting than getting paid to do what you love by people who want to pay you to do it? Search engines are sites like Google, Bing but also any site that has a search box where you have a presence like social media platforms, Etsy and Amazon. I’ve written more about this in my blog post – what is SEO?

Can you wave a magic wand and do all the work for me?

Haha! I do indeed offer a monthly retainer service, which you can check out on my page SEO Done for You

How can I work with you to help me improve my SEO?
I have a few options to help you grow your business through SEO. My SEO online SEO course Let’s Get You Found or my SEO Done For You service. You can also hire my services for a one day SEO workshop for you and your community.
Where can I read some testimonials from satisfied clients?

I am thrilled to have worked with hundreds of clients all over the world. Here are just a few of those clients sharing their brilliant results.

Help! I don't know what I'm doing with my SEO

That’s OK and I hear it a lot. That’s why I set up this business – to help people like you. I specialise in working with people who really don’t like tech. Send me a message and let’s have a chat.

You always seem very busy when I look at you on social media, can you fit me in?

Of course! I would love to find out more about what you’re looking to achieve with your business. You can book a chat with me here and let’s talk.

How do I know what my keywords are?

Your keywords are what your target clients are typing into search engines to find you. How do you know that they are the best phrases to get you found and how do ou use them in the best way? It’s important to define your niche, discover the right phrases that your audience are using and then use those in the right ways on your website. Want to learn more? Come and join my free Facebook community – So Exciting Obviously SEO for Creative Women where I run regular trainings and webinars.

How important is it to tag images on my website?

It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your SEO, combined with a multitude of other factors of course. If you’re feeling stuck, just head on over and purchase my handy PDF guide on how to tag your images for SEO.

Do you have a free Facebook group where I can come and find out more?

You can come and join the 800+ lively community here at So Exciting Obviously: SEO for Creative Women.

I'm getting in a right mess with managing my marketing, can you help?

Absolutely, you need a proven system that works. Get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Can you design a new website for me?

I no longer take on new website design projects for new clients but I’m delighted to recommend some fabulous people. Just pop me an email and I’ll send you their links.

Do you offer graphic design?

I personally don’t offer this service, but I’m delighted to recommend Becky Lord Design who is a fabulously talented graphic designer. She even designed my snazzy logo.

Can you help me with a new logo?

Whilst there may be a graphic designer lurking deep inside (I do love a good font) I am not a graphic designer and so cannot design a new logo for you. Pop me an email and I’ll refer you to some fabulous designers.

Can you run my social media accounts?

Sorry I don’t do this. Get in touch with Inge at Design Your Socials. She’s ace.

Can I book you to plan my wedding?

I’m flattered you asked, but sorry, no! There’s a common misunderstanding that I somehow get involved with weddings directly. I once coordinated and was the celebrant for a vow renewal in Goa at sunset but that’s quite a different story 😉

Can you run my Google Adwords for me?

I don’t offer this service, but please email me and I’ll be happy to refer you to the contact details for trusted and talented Adwords certified partners!

I have a few bits and pieces that need doing on my site, can you help me?

Unless I designed the website, I’m not your woman. I suggest you revert back to the designer who put your website together. If you designed your own site, then get in touch and I’ll send you some names of useful people!

I want some help with my PR - do you offer this?

Thanks for thinking of me. If you’re a wedding business, I’m delighted to recommend Nicola at Propose PR – the UK’s original wedding specialist PR agency. Tell her I sent you!

I heard about a workshop you're doing, but I can't find the link!
Brilliant! Come and check out my upcoming SEO and marketing events + workshops here. Looking forward to having you!
I've heard you appear at events as an SEO expert, can you come to mine?
How long have you been doing this?

I started the business in 2012, and I’ve been full time since 2014. You can read all about my business story told mainly in the form of GIFs (but of course) right here

You’re a bit glam for an SEO expert!
I know, right? Thank you!