Remember last week where I spoke about how to show up and how to share more of your personality online, but sharing more also means being more open about sharing your thoughts and your opinions?

In the past this is something I have definitely shied away from publicly, thinking “Oh people are just here for one thing” as if I wasn’t also a human being.

I focused solely on sharing my business and I didn’t know how to bring my politics, opinions or world events into that because it felt uncomfortable.

But since when did anything good ever come from sitting inside our comfort zones?

I understand you might feel uncomfortable talking about these subjects too.

So, I asked Alice Gabb along to speak about her experience in starting her business, aligning her business with her values and how she shows up unafraid to have difficult conversations.

Alice is a calligrapher, artist and activist and I wanted to know how she ties this all together and as she says, gets comfortable with having those uncomfortable conversations that are so needed.

Alice has a beautiful, successful luxury brand and has always been unafraid to explicitly share her views.

It’s a bit of a big one this week, but these conversations are something I am working to get more comfortable with myself and I welcome you to join me.

You can see more of Alice’s beautiful work at and follow her over on Instagram @alicegabb, specifically watch Alice talking about anti-racism on IGTV.

Now we realise that it is problematic that this is two white people talking about, amongst other things, anti-racism. But that is the point. We need to be talking about it.

But we are not experts, so here are the experts you need to follow:

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Maddy x