Discover strong, passionate, self-employed women about how they lead their lives, run their businesses, prioritise self care and create their own lifestyles.

Hello everyone and welcome to my brand spanking new YouTube channel, Gin and Magic, where I chat to amazing passionate ambitious women all about how they run their lives, their businesses and everything in between.

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The Story:

You see, I was thinking of what held me back from starting a business and indeed the thoughts and worries that have held me back from growing this business. I watch a lot of videos on YouTube and I see just how often famous people interview other famous people. These are cool but they're not relatable.

And then there’s the videos which are more inspirational, where women are interviewed who have multi million businesses and they’ve had to pitch for investment and made incredible things happen. But those videos are also unrelatable.

I want to know much more about the women who run successful thriving businesses that aren't multi-million empires, but are completely amazing because they created their own lifestyles.

Those women who may be mums or not, they may be relatively new or they may be more established, they may be married, divorced or single. I want to know more, and uplift and shout about these women.

Women who are learning and evolving and who are relatable.

The thing they have in common is that they are open, and that they have designed their own lives.

I find that fascinating.

I am particularly keen to speak to women who didn’t have their job on a careers test at school, like me. There was no SEO queen interest in my aptitude test. I did a business degree but in no way was prepared to run my own business. I had to figure it all out.

This is the YouTube channel I wanted to watch so, I created it.

When watching these videos, I want you to enjoy them but also learn from them, skip the mistakes we've made and jump forward into the potential you've always dreamed about.


About Maddy Shine

Maddy Jones is affectionately known as the SEO Queen.  Her mission is to help passionate and ambitious creative women get more bookings online through being found at the top of search engines, effortlessly booking their ideal clients. When she gets hold of your business, it’s like a glitter bomb goes off. She's also a deeply curious person and love to chat to others to find out what makes them tick, and how they turned a potentially expensive hobby into a thriving lifestyle and of course, how they get found online to get more juicy sales!