SEO Done for You

Calling all established creative businesses!

Ready to majorly upgrade the way you attract bookings?

Imagine if you could fast-forward through the research (where did those hours even go?), cut out the heat-hitting jargon and leap giddily to number one all at the same time.

Well, now you can!

Imagine a world where you have the friendliest expert to keep on top of your search engine rankings. Where the expert you invest in won’t overload you with intensely detailed reports you have no interest in opening, let alone digesting (urgh, sorry to my former accountant, we just weren’t meant to be).

The Shine SEO Done for You is about giving your business a consistent and confident boost in search results. It's about bringing in the right kind of enquiries, and plenty of them. Enquiries from people who want to buy your product or book your services, not just family, friends or your competitors in disguise.

Ultimately, it's about putting your business on the map and keeping it there.

It’s about making your business shine (I believe in this so much I named my business so!) and bringing in profitable enquiries from the clients you really want. We're talking about carving out a go-getting future for today, tomorrow and years to come too.

“I bloody love working with Maddy, she makes everything so easy. I feel like I can relax, knowing she’s on the case getting on with things that need doing. She has my back and I can completely trust her. She knows bloody loads about SEO & marketing and she's really easy to work with.”

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If you're reading this, you're ready to up your game and get serious.

You’ve already sussed out that Google can do great things, but you don't have all the time in the world to learn SEO from scratch. That's where we (yes we, there’s a team!) come in.

We'll be all over your keywords and search rankings so you can ditch the stress and score number one. SEO doesn't get any simpler than that!

With the Shine SEO Done for You service, we'll use fiercely effective and ethical methods with the goal of getting you to top of the charts.

Sustainable and strategic, this is a sure-fire way to grow your business boldly with the right kind of clients (the profitable type). With an expert on-hand, you can outsource this (frankly, head-bangingly mind-boggling) whole situation, reap the rewards and reclaim your precious time.

What kind of wonderful creative business owner wouldn’t love that?!

“We love her organisational skills and her “can do everything” approach! Her knowledge is vast and the application of her knowledge a success! Maddy helped us to make our business shine, literally, translating to a huge increase in bookings in less than a month!

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Alright, how does it actually work?

We'll start with a careful stocktake of your website as it is, everything from content to technical geekery backend stuff. You’ll sign-off on our suggested changes, before we implement them and dive into creating high quality links back to your site around the web on a monthly retainer basis. It’s been named as “Maddy Magic” - I’ll take it.

To do our job in the best way possible, we need kick-ass content, and plenty of it. This is where we plunge ferociously into creating blogs packed with ideas and primed for your ideal clients. We will then publish them to your website, or pitch them as guest posts on other websites around the interweb.


It’s all about getting your brand more visible. We'll be relentlessly putting your business out there and bringing in new people in a way that is ultra-measurable. That means you get a big kick as you climb up through the rankings (so satisfying), and then we'll be there virtual high-fiving with you as you celebrate the enquiries coming through to your inbox.

Results are like brown paper parcels tied up with string and as long as we work together, we'll keep on delivering them - and not boring reports. That's the Shine guarantee. We work fearlessly to increase your visibility, Google ranking and bookings.

Ready for the floor? This is for you if

  • You're an established business, but you're losing out on sales because you’re not visible
  • You’re confident in the quality of your service, just not enough people are hearing about you.
  • Your competitors are taking top spot for the keywords you should be all over.
    • You want to boost your Google ranking, but you need an expert you can trust to do it.
    • You want someone in your corner, committed to reaching your kind of clients.

    “Words fail me! I’ve got so, so many wonderful things to say about you: your experience, your guidance, asking crazy questions! Prompting, humour and patience....It's so wonderfully reassuring having you in my corner. Like being snuggled!"

    The Velvet Daisy

    Want to take a sip before downing the drink? We've got you!

    Book a discovery call and get to know first-hand how we work, how you can reach page one and get more bookings. We mean business and we want to hear from you if you’re keen too.

    One of the things I always appreciate about Making Your Business Shine is the personalised service, which goes far beyond what you might expect. I have this sense that Maddy is always thinking about us, she has this amazing capacity to see the bigger picture for your business and she’s excited to help build your business dreams together.”

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