Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

75% of all clicks go to the top 5 results on Google

Wow. That’s a bit of a sobering fact, isn’t it? But I invite you to see it as the golden opportunity that it is. I know from experience that you really can rank that high for your top search phrases (yes, you!). What’s more, you don’t have to lose your precious time and sanity to get there.

Your clients can’t fall in love with you if they can’t find you.

Search engine optimisation gets you results. All that glitter we talk about in Team Shine is real – it’s the sparkle in the eyes of your ideal client when they find you, their perfect match. Because getting found by the right clients is the first most important step, SEO is where you’ll see the biggest bang for your buck.

Do what you love and shine!

Leave the SEO support to me.

(aka: Friends don’t let friends attempt SEO on their own)


I want you to use your time doing what you love, giving your artistry to the world. You can always make more money, but you can never get your time back. I don’t encourage you to tackle the complicated and time-consuming task of SEO on your own. I like you too much for that. Just get the expert on the case to deliver you exactly what you need to do providing you with peace of mind, confidence and reassurance with a strategy in place. .

You want to grow your business. You’re not seeing the search results you want. You know you should be doing SEO, but you’re not sure where to start. We go out of our way to help you solve this and make your website shine brighter than the rest! I know what works for you!


“You make SEO 900x more interesting.

(But let’s face it, it is still quite boring).” Babb Photo


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SEO Content Coaching

Sometimes you just want great advice to jump-start more success. We get that! In this SEO site review, we’ll analyze your website and share expert insights you can apply to make it better.

We’ll go through your site, share our insights and suggestions, and provide you with a helpful online spreadsheet you can use to organize your changes and schedule new content.

Investment £499 (two payments of £249.50)


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Signature SEO Healthcheck

The SEO Healthcheck is our most popular service – where search success originates for most of our clients. It includes all the hard data you could ever want about your site’s SEO performance (think speed, search phrases, copy, etc. etc. etc.), and a lot of direction on how to fix it. It’s the full DIY solution.

We take a holistic view of SEO, so we include how to create great content your readers will love and share, and how to reach new clients and build relationships through guest posting. It will also cover updating your copy to drive new and repeat sales, and how to improve the usability and marketing on your site in general.

Basically, you’ll be getting your own personalized “SEO Bible” to drive all your website updates. It’s like we’re there holding your hand every step of the way.

Investment £799 (two payments of £399.50)

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SEO Optimisation Package

Our focus is on getting you found, boosting visits, and increasing engagement and conversions on your site. When you book this package, you’re already fairly confident about what’s needed, so we don’t waste your time by sharing detailed analysis, but instead focus on the best courses of action that will affect every area of your website. We’ll leave no stone unturned, and we’ll give you a headstart on the actual work itself while you’re enjoying your creative work (and a glass of wine or two).


£POA (once we review the website and your individual needs)

“To be honest, I thought SEO was like p***ing in the wind. The internet is a giant beast! But with Maddy’s help people are really finding me. I’m on page one FFS”Parrot & Pineapple