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Creative London wedding photographer

As soon as I met Maddy, I immediately loved her approach – full of ideas and really enthusiastic and really organised, which appealed to me as I am too! I really couldn’t imagine not having her as an extended part of the team.

I bloody love working with Maddy. She knows bloody loads about SEO & marketing and she's really easy to work with.”

I would totally recommend her and continue to do so!


Creative London wedding photographer

Maddy is really great at putting together really lovely pieces of writing, and I definitely feel like she has a great sense of my voice.

I had concerns that it wouldn’t work and that I’d be stuck at the same place where I was before I started, but I would definitely recommend her to other busy wedding professionals looking for support. It’s quite hard finding a writer in general, especially one that has experience with weddings, and wedding photography.

So, I think she’s a bit of a unicorn!


National Association of Wedding Professionals

Maddy presented "Demystifying SEO - it's not such a dark art after all" to our NAWP Professional Members' Business Ambitions meeting in March. This topic-based forum takes place with a speaker and Q&As.  It was an excellent and very informative presentation, where Maddy delivered in 'language' that everyone could understand and made it relevant and interesting to everyone - those that were somewhat bewildered by SEO, and those that were a little more advanced in managing it. Comments from our members afterwards were all complimentary and enthusiastic - some even saying that they learnt more in the 3 hours than they had on other day courses on the subject.We are looking forward to having Maddy present at more of our seminars as her expertise is both broad and relevant. We feel that Maddy and her specialist knowledge is essential for any business wanting to keep abreast of their web and social media presence.


Cornwall Wedding Venue

We booked Maddy and Team Shine to rebuild, redesign our website and introduce some proper strategic SEO tools to improve our overall marketing. We met her when she spoke at Cornwall Wed Meetup event. We were so impressed by her presentation and thought if there is one person we should work with it's Maddy!

She is highly professional, has a great website herself and I love her enthusiasm showing via social media. We love her organisational skills and her “can do everything” approach! Her knowledge is vast and the application of her knowledge a success!

Maddy helped us to make our business shine, literally, translating to a huge increase in bookings in less than a month!

In an ideal world, we wish that Maddy offered 'surprise gifts of gin' oh no, wait.....she did!!

As a result of working with Maddy we became really confident and happy that we have now reached the objective that we've had in mind for a long time - we did not think our business was not ready for such an increase on demand but now we can cope and deliver the best. It is a good feeling to have!

We would recommend Maddy to anyone who wish to increase their business by improving their image and making the most of her strategic knowledge.


Devon & London florist

Words fail me! I’ve got so, so many wonderful things to say about Maddy: her experience, her guidance, asking crazy questions! Prompting, humour and patience. Shine she does, and a wonderful person.


Creative wedding photographers & videographers, north east England

We booked Maddy to give us a kick up the backside with understanding the marketing side of our business and to take our business to the next level. After having met her at SNAP Photography Festival, we knew she was the real deal.

We get bombarded with SEO and marketing companies much like any business but with Maddy, you get a no BS approach, she’s so easy to talk to, she’s bloody lovely, and her advice is 100% tailored to us our and our business.

We love the fact that Maddy really takes the time to understand our needs and then develops a plan of action accordingly. We know that if Maddy tells us to do something it’s because it works, no matter how outside the box it is or whether it’s out of your comfort zone.

Maddy continues to help us understand the marketing channels we use, to make more out of what we do and we’ve cut down significantly in terms of time and money to focus on what works.

As a result of working with Maddy, we rank higher on Google, we have a more measured approach to marketing, a more streamlined workflow freeing up time to get more work done. Most importantly our enquiry rate has dramatically increased since implementing Maddy’s strategies. We would recommend Maddy without hesitation to any business who feels they lack direction with their marketing or isn’t sure what the next step to evolve their business should be.


Creative documentary wedding photographer & photography festival founder

I booked Madeleine to help me to get my businesses in front of the customers I want to work with and to support me in the areas of her expertise, mainly business development, marketing and SEO. She is a ray of sunshine, a super clever lady and a pleasure to work with. I met Maddy at a wedding industry event, and I loved her energy and enthusiasm from the moment we first got talking. I am hugely emotionally invested in my businesses so it’s really important to me that anyone I work with demonstrates a similar level of passion and enthusiasm about their work. Maddy radiates positivity and she is genuinely excited about helping her clients and she manages to make important but fairly dry business topics (like SEO) interesting and accessible, which is no mean feat! Maddy feels like a part of my team and having people who can support you in your business is crucial. She’s been a massive support when it comes to my photography business and a huge champion of my training and events company. She also sends care packages with cheese when I recommend her to other people I think would love to work with her. Mmmmmmm cheese. I would recommend her to any small businesses in the wedding industry looking for support with their marketing. She’s a lot of fun, knows her stuff, highly professional and you’ll love working with her.


Wedding photographer Berkshire

"I would recommend Maddy to everyone! Maddy helped me to get sorted with SEO after I was concerned that my website could be bringing in more leads. I found Maddy through Instagram - I loved her Lives and how much energy she has! I heard her name lots in the industry, so I booked her to do an SEO analysis for me. She seems to know her stuff! Techie head but able to explain it in clear English for me. Everything is so clear and easy to follow. I am busily implementing the many excellent improvements she has suggested!"


Quirky & unique UK wedding blog

I booked Maddy to help me to brainstorm ideas to grow my business and look into creating a plan and analyse my site SEO. I’d heard about Maddy as she’s worked with a number of wedding bloggers and came highly recommended.

I loved how personable and friendly she was, right from the offset. She made it fun to discuss all things business and put my anxieties and worries at ease. She gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my business. Maddy helped me to gather my thoughts in a coherent manner and work out where my business needs to go next. Instead of being in the day to day running of my business I have taken a step back to consider the wider picture.

The most important thing people should know about working with Maddy is that she is super friendly and fun to Skype with. 

It felt like a meeting with a friend rather than an intimidating business meeting.

She goes above and beyond for her clients.

As a result of working together, I feel more organised and self-assured. I am excited by the future and direction of my business and have comfort in knowing Maddy is at the end of an email if I need her support.

I’d really recommend wedding businesses to work with Maddy. She knows the wedding industry inside and out, combined with her business and SEO skills she has the knowledge to help your business plan ahead.


Business Coach

I booked Madeleine to help me find the right voice for my wedding planner website.  I like how transparent she is with everything: she outlined really clearly what she’ll do and how much it will cost, which is rare! I also like that she stuck to all the timelines she gave me which is so important when you’re rebranding! She is easy to work with and very good at taking a brief and following it well, even when it is very specific! It was so great that she completely got the voice I was trying to achieve and who we are as a company.

I would recommend Madeleine to any creative service needing copywriting for their website. Everyone should know that she is really clear about what she can achieve and by when – it’s really rare!


Fine Art wedding photographer

I booked Maddy to help me improve the efficiency of my website. Not only has she done this but she has helped me implement some pretty big changes and actually how SEO is not something to be afraid of. I found Maddy on Instagram and from first contact knew she was someone I could relate to – female, friendly, approachable, and not too jargony. I loved that she did the legwork and told me what I needed to do – all very straight forward! Maddy is not like other SEO people who make changes and promise the earth without explaining what they did. She makes everything so clear and easy and I feel like I have a plan now! As a result of working with Maddy, I am so much more confident in my site, I am excited about how it will start performing and actually enjoy writing blogs safe in the knowledge that I am doing the right thingI’d recommend her to everyone who feels a bit lost with their website. Working with Maddy is easy, simple and actually quite fun. She demystifies the dark art of SEO and I can clearly see now what I should be doing and how I can achieve results.

Gold star for Maddy for being ace and also an all-round lovely person!


UK wedding blogger promoting diversity & inclusivity

I continue to hire Maddy on a regular basis as I trust her impeccably and she understands my brand so well. She originally came on recommendation but I had already met her at an event and instantly liked her and her work ethic. She is a great listener. I hired her to help with things I find utterly boring that Maddy she seems to love, like stats, spreadsheets, administration and analytics!

She is a delight to work with and a little angel! I love everything about working with Maddy!


Creative London wedding planners

We booked Madeleine to help us identify how we can optimise our website for search engines. We chose to work with Maddy as she came highly recommended by others in the industry. She is really easy to work with, provides clear advice in a way that someone with limited SEO experience can understand. She is approachable and doesn’t treat you like an idiot! Instead she tries to help you so you can learn and do as much as possible yourself. You know exactly what you’re paying for which in the world of SEO can be tricky. From the first point of contact, Maddy put us at ease, was never pushy and upon following up on her recommendations we can already see a difference on Google! We would definitely recommend Maddy –she is a great asset to any small business needing a helping hand for SEO.


Alternative UK wedding blog

I hired Maddy for much-needed help and guidance on creating my first ever media kit. I had no idea where to begin and I was afraid. I was getting lots of requests for advertising and I had nothing to send out! She saw things in my stats and profile that make me attractive to brands, things I wouldn’t have thought of because it was all new to me. She’s knowledgable about the wedding industry, and so knew which aspects would be worth highlighting. I like her integrity – she knew which bits to leave for another time further down the road. This benefits me and people paying to work with me.

I would 100% recommend Maddy, and have done so already. She is professional, clued up, and she knows how to drive a project but not at the expense of patience or being accommodating.

She is genuinely a dream to work with!


Milliners in Farnham, Surrey

I met Maddy at an industry networking event – she is lovely, very conscientious and capable, bubbly and very down to earth. Plus I had seen many glowing reviews from other acquaintances. She is swift to respond, and got the job done quickly and efficiently! What’s more is I know that by hiring her and her team to write the copy for me to reflect the big changes in my business, it appeals more to my customers as it’s written from a fresh perspective in a clear way. I would recommend her to any small business who wants to make sure their image is portrayed well to their customer base – Maddy does exactly what she promises!


Creative Manchester wedding photographer

I booked Maddy to give me a overview of what I’m getting right on my website and what I could improve SEO-wise. She helped me to get up to date with current SEO practice after launching a new website. She came highly recommended by photographers I respect and admire. She’s totally passionate about her services, and she's also extremely easy to get along with! Maddy presents her findings in a really simple, accessible way. She always uses non-jargon language and she’s a pleasure to deal with too.

I already knew quite a bit about SEO before starting the project, so I was concerned the advice may have been too simple. Although the report didn’t bring up any major surprises, there are a few things that have changed since I worked in SEO that I’ll be doing going forward and I’m now incorporating her best practice advice into updating my website.

I’d recommend Maddy to anyone who’s looking to get a general website overview from an SEO perspective. The service would be especially useful to those who have just launched a new website and need to start on their SEO from scratch.


Handmade lace lingerie, Brighton

I’ve been working with Maddy for two years so far – I’ve booked her marketing 1:1 calls particularly focusing on social media strategy, email marketing campaigns, SEO support and currently a website redesign. I met Maddy through an empowerment group we belong to, and so I was drawn immediately to Maddy’s values. I love the way she delivers above and beyond what she promises. I particularly love her passion and dedication to each project, her enthusiasm and thoughtfulness around the specific marketing needs of my business.

Every session with Maddy has brought value, and in every direction! I have seen direct financial reward from our newsletters, by learning with Maddy I have massively enhanced my own marketing skillset and also boosted my confidence. From starting off with basically nothing, I now have a thriving Instagram page, and now regularly collaborate with a whole host of people across my industry and in complementary businesses. I am empowered to know what makes better content, I have a hugely increased mailing list and I feel more confident in how we communicate with our community.

Maddy has helped me to understand an efficient, valuable and effective online presence, one that I feel finally represents what I’ve been trying to communicate.

I recommend Maddy frequently to businesses because I know she always goes the extra mile to deliver excellent service. She is highly efficient and amazingly responsive to everyone’s specific needs



Creative wedding photographer based in Wales

I had heard about Maddy through other wedding photographers in the community, which I loved because I needed someone who understood my needs. Maddy was patient, friendly, open about the service she offers and the costs involved. There were no surprises which is good because being self-employed means spending money = scary. Maddy helped me understand SEO better and to have more confidence in the site I was building. She helped me get my head around what I needed to do to get my website ready for launch and make it Google- and client-friendly. I would definitely recommend Maddy to photographers who need SEO, web design and marketing support, because Maddy is a lovely lady to work with who provides a service that has a holistic approach to building your business. She looks at many different aspects rather than just one so I feel like my whole site is heading in the right direction. As a result of working with Maddy I now have a website I am proud of sharing!


Creative Bath wedding photographer

I met Maddy at the SNAP Photography Festival in 2016 where I had a great 1:1 with her. I felt thoroughly inspired to get my SEO humming! I found Maddy approachable and honest right from our first meeting. All delivered with an infectious smile! I loved how competent the feedback booklet was that I received - really concise and extensive, it felt like she had given me her time. In the followup Skype call that's included in the Healthcheck, Maddy gave me some extra advice that has proved really valuable and has really stuck with me!

Maddy has helped me to understand the jargon of SEO terminology and how to make that work for me as an individual and a business. I was initially concerned over what kind of return on investment I would get but as a result of working with Maddy I have a huge action list of positive changes I can make to the running of my business that will hopefully reward the hard work I put into delivering a unique service.

What you should know about working with Maddy is that no question is too stupid, too small or too insignificant. You can be honest with what you do and don’t understand and Maddy will happily guide you through to clear blue waters, if only she supplied a cocktail as well! I would recommend Maddy 110% (in fact I already do) to anyone that has a website that drives their business and fellow photographers.


Creative Dublin wedding photographer

I booked Maddy to help me better understand SEO and how it can benefit my business. The first thing you should know is, Maddy is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is she lovely; she’s also incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I originally found her through Instagram and then the London Wedding Breakfast Club where members said how good she was, so I read the testimonials which I loved, and then attended one of her talks. Personality was a big factor for me! Everything was done really professionally and efficiently, and the results were set out very clearly for me. Maddy helped me to take a good look at my website and really understand how it should work. I now see clearly where I can improve and optimise my site so as to attract more traffic and book more clients.  Sorting out SEO has been on my to-do list for literally years! I always thought – I can do this myself, I just need to find the time to sit down and learn all about it. But I never did find the time, and years later my SEO was still pretty abysmal. I’d heard such great things about Maddy and the results she produces, and so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

She can devote her time and energy to this in a way that I can’t, and not only that but her experience and knowledge of this area is impressive! As a result of working with Maddy, I’m feeling motivated and inspired to completely transform my online presence! Working with her was a pleasure and really helpful and informative. I’ve already recommended her to others, and would definitely recommend her to other photographers in particular and anyone who has an online presence.


Vintage clothing brand, Brighton

"I would recommend Maddy to anyone looking to create a beautiful new online presence for their creative business. As a result of working with Maddy I now have a beautiful website and online shop-front for my sustainable fashion label that represents the quality and beauty of the products and services that we offer. Maddy came recommended by a fellow female entrepreneur who had recently worked with her, and I love to work with talented women, and she understood my vision. What's great about working with Maddy and Team Shine is that they go the extra mile. Like any big online project at times we had some technical difficulties, Maddy went out of her way to investigate and resolve these issues as speedily and responsively as possible. She helped me to create a window into our brand and a new sales channel for my business. She also helped me deepen my understanding of SEO best practice to make sure my site was just pretty, but effective too. "


Surrey wedding photographer

As a result of working with Maddy I now have a beautiful website that I am super proud of and want to show off to everyone. I would recommend Maddy to anyone and everyone, you have a cat? I would even recommend her to them. She is a wizard with SEO. The most important thing people should know about working with Maddy is that she is always there to help you, there is no question too stupid and no obstacle that she cannot problem solve.


Fine art film Greek wedding photographers

We found Madeleine through a Facebook group recommendation. As they were speaking so highly of her, we booked a Skype call right away, where we saw she was the right choice from the very beginning, we were completely delighted to work with her.We would definitely recommend Madeleine and her services, she is a true pro, and never gives up until she finds a solution that we are so happy with. Her personality shines!


Bristol wedding photographer

I chose to work with Maddy and Team Shine because she has fantastic expertise in SEO, vast wedding industry knowledge & marketing experience and the ability to help build me a new fully optimised website to help me grow my business. Maddy managed the design and build of my new website and was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is highly organised, very efficient and passionate about delivering to agreed deadlines, while being so friendly, polite and thoughtful at the same time. She is an excellent communicator and makes very complex subjects, such as SEO, really easy to understand. She gives 100% (and much more) into everything she does for you. We worked really well as a team and this is down to Maddy’s dedication and hard work to deliver the project on time. I’m absolutely thrilled with my new website and would highly recommend Maddy and the Making Your Business Shine team to anyone looking for help with their business.

My only suggestion would be to never change from being lovely and helpful!


Worcestershire Florist

I met Maddy when she was speaking at the Chosen Wedding Hub in 2015. She seemed approachable, straightforward and a specialist in her field and so I booked her in 2017 to help me understand how to improve and manage my website to achieve its potential. What's great about working with Maddy is everything is very relatable - she is enthusiastic about getting people to understand SEO/marketing and she helped me to get to grips with my website.

Before I started working with Maddy, I was concerned that I didn’t really understand what I was doing/needed doing but as a result of working with Maddy I will be updating my website to attract the clients I want. I would recommend Maddy to anyone in the wedding industry business who wants to up their marketing game.

The most important thing people should know about working with Maddy is she can make SEO interesting!

If I had any suggestions for Maddy for the future it would be "Keep doing what you’re doing!


London wedding photographers

We were convinced to invest in Maddy's VIP marketing program because we knew that we wanted someone who knows us and knows our business and our goals, someone who is approachable and someone who is reliable. We booked her to help us make sense of things that we found difficult starting a new business: SEO, social media, and marketing. What's great about working with Maddy is her personality, her dedication and her confidence in what she does and in the guidance she provides. As a result, we feel much more confident about marketing our business, posting on social media and connecting with other professionals in the industry. Honestly cannot think of a thing that is currently missing from her services. She truly is the Queen of SEO.


Gloucestershire photographer

Maddy helped me to understand and produce an action plan for my SEO. I found her through Instagram and she was recommended to me by trusted industry friends Jenny Fleur and Venetia Norrington. I booked Maddy because she is incredibly knowledgeable, understanding and makes a hard subject light, interesting and workable by putting complex things into simple terms! I was concerned because I thought I knew nothing about SEO. What you should really know is that Maddy is a little bonkers, really down to earth and you can ask her the stupidest of questions and get a help building your SEO.

As a result of working with Maddy, I feel I have a structure to work with and a great deal more knowledge especially about my ideal customer and I would recommend her to anyone who doesn't understand and struggles with SEO.


Swedish artist & Vedic Art teacher

Working with Maddy is the best experience. Maddy’s availability, patience and totally lovely nature made every day so much fun and every project a breeze. Maddy is a brilliant communicator, making everyone feel seen, heard and understood.

The most important thing people should know about working with Maddy is her positive and solution-oriented personality, her generous flow of ideasin marketing and copywriting, her great availability and clear communicationabout wanting the best for everyone in all she does and about her amazingly inspiring personality and entrepreneurial skillsYou can consider yourself very lucky if you get to work with her!