The Ultimate Guide to UK Wedding Blogs

You know that wedding blogs can play an essential role in getting seen by the right clients.

Being featured on a wedding blog has a great number of benefits for your business, not limited to but including:

  • Getting your business in front of your target clients
  • Driving more traffic to your website - because potential clients will click through to your site from the blog post itself
  • Increasing social media followers - when a blog tags you in one of their posts on social media
  • Raising your profile within the wedding industry - as you get to know more wedding bloggers (and they get to know you)
  • Increasing ranking on Google (and other search engines) because you'll get SEO juice from a relevant website which boosts your domain authority


  • Getting featured on a wedding blog can be time-consuming.
  • You might not be a good match.
  • Will you get the benefits you deserve?
  • Are the potential benefits worth the uncertainties?

We understand completely. This is why we have extensively researched and produced the perfect companion to your wedding blog submission efforts.


The Ultimate Guide to UK Wedding Blogs

This guide includes a comprehensive list of all the wedding blogs that cater to the UK marketplace today, with all the data you need about them to inform your feature submissions.

This guide will benefit any business in the UK wedding industry.

Basically, if you run a business that serves people getting married in the UK, you need this guide.

Download the Ultimate Guide to UK Wedding Blogs here


Who is this guide for?

Wedding businesses in the UK wedding industry. If you run a business that serves people who are getting married, then this is for you.

What does the guide include?

This guide provides an overview of all the active wedding blogs in the UK. Not included? Let us know.

The guide contains:

  • Blog name and homepage link
  • Reader profile information - where provided by the blogger
  • Submission guidelines link
  • How each blog handles your submissions - where provided by the blogger
  • Is exclusivity required?
  • Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest links and no. of followers for each blog (at the time of data collection)
  • If/how your submission feature on their social media - where provided by the blogger
  • The domain authority of the blog - Domain authority is a search engine ranking factor measured out of 100. It's based on 3 factors: website age, size and popularity. Only sites like, BBC News, and Facebook have 100. You can read more about this here.
  • Whether the links are 'follow' / 'no follow' - When a blog links to your website the link can be follow or no follow:
  • Follow - the default setting - the site they're linking to will benefit from the SEO juice of a link from the site
  • No Follow - the site linked to will not benefit from SEO juice from that site.
  • FYI the great news is that all wedding blogs featured in this project had 'follow' links.


How to Use This Guide

The guide is arranged in alphabetical order as we wanted to remain objective. This makes it easier for you to find the right blogs for you and your business.

Use this guide to choose which blog is best to work with based on:

  • what you are trying to achieve as a business
  • the type of client you're trying to attract
  • whether the blog will want to work with your brand

Blogs are a great way to increase domain authority but it's important to look at more than just domain authority of a blog when deciding which blog to submit to. It's better for your business to find a blog that matches your aesthetic and serves your target client rather than submitting based on just getting SEO juice alone.

For example:

If you were a business selling new and different flavours of icecream, it would be up to you to decide whether you wanted to attend the Biggest Food Exhibition Ever with a wide scope or whether you wanted to go to the artisan events and target your audience more specifically.

How was this guide put together?

The Ultimate Guide to UK Wedding Blogs was a collaboration between Maddy Jones and her team at Making Your Business Shine Ltd and Rowan Williams of Parrot & Pineapple wedding photography


In Spring 2017 we analysed the total number of UK wedding blogs we could find through extensive research and monitored the number of blog posts published and the social media following on each blog.

Our criteria for choosing the UK wedding blogs were:

  • Must be based in UK / Scotland / England / Wales / Ireland (Southern / Northern) - we did not include blogs in Europe, the USA or Australia regardless of whether or not they may have a large UK readership
  • Must have an active presence in 2017 - we removed blogs where they have published less than once a month consistently since Jan 2017 including those not active at all in 2017
  • Must accept submissions from real weddings and styled shoots outside their own involvement


In summer 2017 we then contacted the bloggers who met these criteria to invite their participation. It was important to us to involve them so we could remain as objective as possible in collating the research and therefore be as useful to you as possible whilst minimising bias.

Did we miss something? If you see a wedding blog who you believe fits the criteria and is not included in this list, please contact us here.

Why did we make this guide?

Rowan, our collaborator on this project, says:

I wanted to commission this research so that I had a handy overview of the entire UK Wedding blog offering so that I could use it to research and select blog submissions based on the individual wedding that I had to share, and who my target client is. I've always been a fan of working smarter and not harder on marketing. I like to be clear with who my target client is and where they are likely to be hanging out on the internet. My wedding photography isn't right for everybody and I have limited resources, there is little point throwing a lot of mud and hoping that some of it sticks. All these factors have contributed towards me planning a very targeted marketing campaign for attracting the right clients to my wedding photography business.

I chose to work with Making Your Business Shine because I know that Maddy has a really solid understanding of marketing and works with mainly wedding businesses and therefore has lots of connections in the wedding industry. These are both vital in making this project coming together. For this project to be an accurate representation of the current UK wedding blogs we needed input from the individual bloggers - the more stakeholders that have contributed to this project, the more objective the research becomes.

Download the Ultimate Guide to UK Wedding Blogs here


Surely I should only submit to the wedding blogs which highest domain authority to get the most SEO juice for my site?

Not always. A successful marketing strategy will include a handful of objectives that need to be achieved through a mix of different marketing tactics like SEO, social media, advertising, PR, etc. It's important to choose different marketing tactics to ensure you reach your potential clients in a variety of ways. For example, if Pinterest is a big part of your strategy, then it would be wise to choose a wedding blog with a large Pinterest following.

What can we expect from future versions of this report?
We will update the social media figures and blog posts per week on a regular basis.

Why isn't my blog there?
If you see a blog that we haven't included and meets the criteria we set out above then please do contact us for the submission questionnaire.

Is it a waste of time to submit to a smaller wedding blog?

No - it's important to choose based on a variety of factors. Some small wedding blogs have a great influence despite a relatively small following and therefore are more persuasive to their audience.

Why can't we download a copy?
This was always intended to be a working document due to the fact that the blogs and information change, and so that you always have access to our latest version of the research.

I have some feedback to share about this report. Where can I send it to you?
You can contact us here

What are the version numbers all about?
This is important for us to point out because we regularly update the document as more bloggers contact us and as we update the information shared.

A huge thank you goes to all the wedding blogs who kindly sent through their information for the purposes of this research. We sincerely hope this will support everyone as a result of your contributions.

If you are a wedding blog included in this guide and you've not yet sent in your response, we will be very happy to receive it and update the research. Please contact Maddy here.

We aim to keep this doc updated as more bloggers send in more information so you can log in and check the latest version at all times.

Disclaimer: This material is presented for informational and educational purposes only and without any guarantees or warranties, etc.